Goddess Skylar: All About Me

Welcome to my world. My name is Goddess Skylar and I am the sexual deviant of your dreams.  I am, a diverse woman who can be an angel, or the filthiest sex deviant on the planet.   I find that different men, bring out different facets of my sexuality and my kinks.  As a Gemini, my sexual needs vary from day to day and call to call.  But at my essence I am a Domme through and through, bringing  you to your knees with a simple command. 


Email:  Skylar@enchantrixempire.com

Skype:  Skylar Sinclair

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Facts, I love becoming your obsession.  My goal is to always make you crave my voice and commands.   I thrive on controlling your cock, teasing you to the point of insanity before allowing you to have that earth shattering, mind blowing orgasm.  Or perhaps I don’t allow it.  lol    As a Gemini, my kink list is long and I am as unpredictable as the weather.  When you think I will be sunshine and rainbows, I will bring the thunder and wind.

Getting to know you will only enhance our calls and dynamic.  I enjoy going deep, learning all your secrets and trust me when I say, I have a few of my own.  Building relationships is what I crave.  It’s through time and experience together that we can create the most exciting dynamic.

Goddess Skylar: Sexual Deviant of your Dreams- My Kinks



The list is long!  lol. As a Gemini, I have both  sensual and strict strict sides.  I enjoy both.  Here are some of the kinks I love: (Click the blue hyper links to go directly to my profile!)

Cuckolding –  If you have never engaged in this, let me take you through a fantasy you will never forget.   Need ways to introduce Cuckolding to your wife or girlfriend?  Then you need to check out my post with tips on how to approach them.

Cock Sucking:   Whether you are an experienced sucker of the cock or new and need instruction, I got you covered. There is nothing hotter than watching a guy suck cock.

Sissy play:  I do love my sissies!   Every sissy is on their own journey and I love mentoring and teaching them everything there is to know in the Femme realm.

Cock Control :  This is also known as tease and denial.  For me, it’s an incredible turn on to control a man’s cock.

Anal Play : I know more about your ass than you do. Come find out. lol

Sensual Domination :  If you crave a sensual touch to being Dominated, and want a gentle approach, I will weave my magic and have you on your knees

Mistress Of Mean :  I also have a harsh strict side with a touch of sadism.  Just a touch!   Some subs enjoy a harsher experience, and I can provide that.

Humiliation:  I love humiliating those who have been burdened with a small penis.


What I do

Here at LDW I take calls from all over the world sometimes its about fantasy, or role play,  sometimes is about educating and explaining,  sometimes it’s about storytelling and creating a one of a kind erotic experience and sometimes someone just needs to talk.   I love my job!  Every call is unique and I enjoy getting to know repeat callers.  But wait there’s more…..

I also create custom audios!  Click here to check out my page:  https://eroticaudios.com/mistress-skylar/

Looking forward to your call!

Your Kink Advisor,

Goddess Skylar xxx