Want to know how to get your wife interested in cuckolding?  Well let’s start with the definition so  we are all on the same page shall we?  Cuckolding is defined as, “a sexual fetish where a person gets pleasure from watching their partner engage in sexual activity with someone else while they watch or at least know about it.”   The partner watching is generally called the “cuckold,” and may feel emasculated, humiliated, or turned on by being cuckolded.   The gent doing the fucking is generally called a bull, and the wife often called, a hot wife.    If this dynamic interests you, keep reading!


Tip #1  How To Get Your Wife Interested in Cuckolding


Breaking the ice on this is not always easy for guys.  Some don’t know how their wife will react to the idea of being fucked in front of their husband.  My number 1 tip to presenting it to your wife?  If you watch any porn together, just happen to land on a cuckolding porn video and guage her response, but remember, she is also going to be watching yours!

This can be a great way to get talking about what you are seeing in that video.  Does she think the guy is hot?  Could she ever imagine doing that while you are watching? What may start out as a funny conversation may turn into a very deep one.  Ask her questions, and lots of them.  Get her thinking.  Can she imagine being the hot wife in a cuckolding dynamic?


Tip # 2 Introducing the Concept During Foreplay


Another way to bring the subject up, believe it or not, is during foreplay.  There is no better time to start planting the seeds than when she is in the throes of passion my friend.  You may even do a little role play and add in the cuckolding element.   Ever played a little “Truth or Dare,” as foreplay?  Might be time to start.   Some exciting things can be reveal during that game!


Tip # 3  Visit a Local Sex Club (Yes they are out there!)


I want you to think of a trip to a local sex club as “show and tell,”  a place where you can see what others are doing and decide if any of those things are for you.  You don’t actually have to do any of the showing per say, but watching can get those erotic juices flowing for both of you.   Who knows you may see other kinky things happening that peak your interest.   And, you may even find a bull at a sex club!


Tip # 4 Look at Resources Online, Together!


Researching together to see what others are saying about the experience, can help paint a clearer picture for both of you. There are a plethora of forums out there, articles, and videos that all provide useful information.   They will help you start thinking about your own boundaries and what might work or not work for the both of you.


Tip # 5 How to Get Your Wife Interested in Cuckolding: Questions to Ask


Communication is key in regards to all things kinky.  Here are some questions to consider:

1. Where would you look to find a bull to fuck her? Websites?  App?  Anyone you both know?

2.  What are her boundaries and yours? What is off the table?

3. What will be your role in being the cuckold?  Watch?  Participate?  Be the fluffer?

4. Can you masturbate while watching?

6.. Where would you be comfortable having this experience?  A hotel?  A room in your home?

7. Do you want to fuck her once it’s over?

8. Condoms or no condoms?  (Remember safety first so if you are going with no condoms, be sure you have vetted the bull)

9.  Will it be all night or just a few hours then send him on his way?

10.  Is this a one time thing or could it be an on going experience?  This will be important to your bull, some guys might want a one time deal others an on going situation.


Cuckolding can be one of the most amazing experiences a couple can share.  It can not only spice up a sex life and let you delve into new hungers, but also , it can bring new levels of intimacy and trust.  Both parties will experience new feelings and new arousal from exploring cuckolding.  Communication is the key!!!

If you would like to practice or role play talking to your wife, give me a call and I am happy to take you through it.

Check back for more BDSM insight and tips!

Your Kink Advisor,

Goddess Skylar


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