Spoil Your Goddess

I have had so many of you ask for ways to spoil this Goddess, I thought it was time to share ways you can do just that!

 Causes I care about:

Help a family in Gaza

     BestFriends.org  Helping Pets around the Country

Alzheimer’s  Foundation of America 




  1. 1. Leave me a review at www.ratemycall.com.   





2. If you have not read all my blog posts here, please read a few AND leave comments.

This really helps me as well!


3.  Many of you have asked about sending me Amazon gift cards,  and yes you can! Amazon is a great choice, because there is always something anybody can find to buy on Amazon lol.

All you do is send the gift card, in any amount you choose to skylar@enchantrixempire.com